Infusion Membership

3 Membership Options

Basic Membership

Plus, one-time enrollment fee of $50.00

Advanced Cash Pay Membership

Six months in advance at $693.00
Enrollment waived.

Advanced Cash Pay Membership

One year in advance at $1,385
Enrollment waived.

All memberships include:

  • 1 IV vitamin infusion of $149 value or below per month
  • 15% off any additional infusions during the month
  • 15% off any other service, excluding lab work and aesthetics
  • Friends that come with you for IV infusions will also enjoy a 15% discount
  • Special Birthday pricing. Get 50% off 1 additional IV infusion during your birthday month

Membership Conditions:

  • Your first monthly membership fee will be charged at the time you sign up. Reoccurring monthly payments will be charged to your card with the auto draft membership.
  • If you choose an infusion greater than $149 you will be charged the difference in price
    Your membership may not be used by anyone else or gifted.
  • No contract however, if you would like to cancel, we request a 30-day notice in writing by email to [email protected].
  • If you miss your IV infusion for the month, it does not roll over and will not be reimbursed. It is considered redeemed for the month.