Halo Therapy Vitality

Introducing the Vitality Booth Plus™

Vitality Booth Plus™ combines both Halotherapy & Red Light Therapy.

Halotherapy is also known as dry salt therapy. Dry pure grade sodium chloride is ground into very tiny micro-particles in a special machine called a Halogenerator. These dry salt micro-particles are then dispersed into the salt room.

Red light is absorbed by the skin, boosting collagen production & aiding skin conditions. Near Infrared penetrates deeper aiding muscle recovery, cellular renewal and joint pain.

It is a holistic, drug free, natural therapy that promotes better breathing, healthier skin, sounder sleep, improved physical fitness, and over all wellness.

Synergistic Benefits

  • Enhances respiratory health and boosts immune resilience.
  • Facilitates detoxification, aids skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, etc.), and alleviates chronic pain.
  • Eases muscle tension and stress, accelerates recovery, and improves sports performance.
  • All delivered through a contact-free therapy experience.

Why Use Halotherapy?

Halotherapy has been known to improve many conditions and symptoms including:

  • PAsthma
  • PEczema
  • PPsoriasis
  • PDermatitis
  • PBronchitis
  • PAllergies
  • PAcne
  • PCold/Flu Prevention
  • PCystic Fibrosis
  • PSinus Infections
  • PDry Skin
  • PEar Infections
  • PImmune Health
  • PAnxiety
  • PSnoring

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